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In October 2014 we embarked on a new venture...breeding meat rabbits.  We talked to several people who bred mostly meat mutts and learned a bit about the process of keeping and raising them.  Then I discovered that a local goat breeder/friend grew Silver Fox rabbits.  Donna Arey provided us information why this breed is great for meat production.  I instantly fell in love and selected our first buck and doe from Donna and her Starry Night Rabbitry.  The carcass quality has been impressive and the rabbits healthy and productive. 

As I did more research to add additional bloodlines, I met two breeders, Denise Kamer and Jo Mladjenovich who introduced me to the show world.  They gave me hands-on instruction regarding correct show type without losing sight of the purpose of the breed as a productive meat animal.   I admired the fact that neither of them were scared to cull a majority of the kits produced, keeping only the best for show and breeding.  I purchased additional stock from each of them. 

At this time only Silver Fox in the Black variety are accepted by the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association). The Blue variety can be shown under the current COD (Certificate of Development) but cannot compete to earn legs.  Chocolate is another variety that had a COD

I hope to continue to learn so that I can stay true to the breed standard, while providing my family, friends, and buyers with quality, clean, healthy meat.   Please inquire if you would like to learn more or would like to purchase custom processed rabbit meat.   Contact:


"Starry Nights Half Moon"
Silver Fox doe, photo at 4.5 months
Adult Weight during lactation=11 pounds
Half Moon's litters are generally around 8 kits in size.  She is a very consistent mother.  When bred to Grey Cloud she has given us roughly 50% chocolate and 50% black kits.

"Miss Maggie's Christy"
Silver Fox doe.  Adult Weight=


"Cute Buns Phoencids #PHC55"
Silver Fox buck (blue color).  Adult Weight=
Won Best of Variety at the Carroll County Rabbit Breeders show on 11/8/15


"Starry Nights Grey Cloud"
Silver Fox buck (blue color), photo at 4.5 months.  Adult Weight=9.4 pounds


Information about the breed "Silver Fox" from the article:

"Silver Fox rabbit is the third breed developed in the United States. It was created by Walter B. Garland of North Canton, Ohio. The Silver Fox is truly a multi-purpose breed, raised for meat and fur. The breed was recognized and a standard approved in 1925 under the name American Heavyweight Silver. In 1929 the name was changed to the American Silver Fox and later to Silver Fox. The breed has always been recognized in two varieties - blue and black. During the 1970s, however, the blues were dropped from the American Rabbit Breeders Association standards due to lack of numbers being shown.

The genetic make-up of the breed has never been divulged. What is known is that Garland was one of Americaís earliest breeders of the Checkered Giant breed and kept Champagne Dí Argents as well. Crosses in more recent years using Champagne Dí Argents with self-colored rabbits have produced reasonably nice examples of a Silver Fox type rabbit. It is likely that Garland used self-colored Checkered Giants for the very large size; Champagne Dí Argents for the silvering, fur length, and meat qualities; and perhaps an infusion of American Blue to improve on the meat producing qualities and the blue color.

The Silver Fox is a beautiful rabbit, which stands apart from other breeds. It was the first large breed produced that dressed out at 65% of its live weight. Does have large litters, produce plenty of milk, are excellent mothers, and make wonderful foster mothers. Silver Fox are known for their docile and gentle nature. The young are born either solid black or blue and begin to show silvering of their fur at about 4 weeks. The silvering process takes 4 months to complete. The fur is one of the most attractive and unusual features of the breed. It is extremely dense and 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length. When the fur is stroked from tail to head, it will stand straight up until stroked in the opposite direction. This trait is found in no other breed and greatly resembles the pelt of the silver fox of the Artic.

The Silver Fox is a large breed with bucks weighing up to 11 pounds and does reaching 12 pounds as adults. The breed is not recognized in other countries, although in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom there is a breed called Silver Fox, which is actually the same rabbit breed as the Silver Marten in America."




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