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Ladybug Hill Farm Boer Goats

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Ladybug Hill is now participating in a national On-Farm Performance testing program.  Our goal is to produce robust, correct, fast-growing goats that adhere to the breed standards set forth by the ABGA.  We would like to promote the Boer breed, as a sustainable meat breed that has high rates of reproductive efficiency and growth. 

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Because they are amazingly full of personality and fun!

Twin girls:  Sabola and Sal

Getting Started

But seriously, I first decided to get a couple of goats to help with pasture management and weed control here on my horse farm.  Having another species of animal that is a compatible grazer can be a great way to control weeds and parasites.  The farm is not conducive to bush-hogging and I don't like using chemicals to control weeds.   I have been very pleased with the pasture improvement results.

I first got interested in the  Boer breed so that the goats would have a dual purpose.  Weed control was the original intent, but I quickly decided that raising drug-free meat would be desirable.  Goat meat is the "most eaten" meat in the world.  I have discovered many recipes for goat meat that I enjoy. 

Market Wether

In addition to raising healthy drug-free ethical meat, I have also discovered the art of cheese-making.  Although, I generally raise meat type of goats, I discovered that one of the percentage does is a great milker and gave plenty of milk to feed my children and to make cheese and keifer.  Feta cheese has become our favorite, although we have produced aged cheddar as well. 


Current Breeding Program:  Show Quality Boers with Top Pedigrees

I have improved my herd dramatically and added three high quality bucks. All of our goats are registered with ABGA.  With my experience of breeding horses I understood the necessity of producing top quality offspring with proven bloodlines and sound conformation.  The three bucks here all are different styles.  All have strong show bloodlines but they have been chosen on their own merit as individuals to continue to improve my herd.   I will offer a selection of high quality breeding stock to buyers and occasionally have meat goats or show wethers for sale.  I do not plan on offering many intact buck kids for sale unless we have one that is exceptional. 

Regarding conformation, I pay particular attention to soundness of legs and feet.  My ideal goat would resemble the large, hardy South African goat that grazes over long distances and that has a strong back and hind leg capable of allowing the goat to stand up on its hind legs to reach higher browsing branches.  The trend in the U.S. show ring is to breed animals that can be posed beautifully but that actually have shallow jaws, bad feet, a short hip, and an overly straight hock.  None of these characteristics are desirable and U.S. breeders should consider the long range impact on the breed type.  I would like to see the successful show ring type to resemble a true meat type with sound structure and optimal substance that can be raised economically for its original purpose.

General Management

The goats at Ladybug Hill are raised on pasture with shelter from rain and wind.   They are supplemented with a good quality goat feed and goat mineral and hay year round.  I feed to maintain good condition but I do not "push" the kids with overfeeding.  I believe in raising livestock in as natural a way as possible.  Any goat that cannot maintain condition on my simple feeding program is culled.  I do not deworm on a schedule but based on need.  This practice selects for resistance to parasites, a highly desirable quality in meat goats.  Some does are only wormed at kidding.

Saffron and my son
Photo by Jill Pariseault

All of Ladybug Hill goats are ABGA registered or eligible

Unlike many goat breeders, my photos presented here are only cropped and
color corrected.  I have not "enhanced" my goats' qualities by photoshopping.


In addition, I can take additional photos of any goat for serious buyers.

Bucks    Does    Kids    For Sale    Sold


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