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About Ladybug Hill Farm



Ladybug Hill is a tiny (8 acre) farm nestled in the Alleghany Mountains near Harrisonburg, Virginia.  Chris Tolar owns and runs this small horse and goat breeding farm.  With a lifelong interest in horses, Chris started riding over 35 years ago and began breeding hunter horses more than 30 years ago.  Most of the breeding program has focused on the classic Thoroughbred hunter, with an occasional Welsh cross pony. 

Chris enjoys breeding horses that are sane, beautiful, and a pleasure to ride.  Selecting good breeding stock and then taking the time to develop young horses to the start of their under saddle career are key priorities at Ladybug Hill.  Chris frequently gets remarks from vets, riders, breeders, and other horse people on how easy Ladybug Hill "graduates" are to handle.  Care is always individualized for each horse to make the most of their personality.  Horses are treated kindly, but are not made into spoiled pets that are unpleasant to handle and ride.

The horse breeding business has been scaled back considerably due to the market.  Instead, the Boer goat herd has been expanding and improving.  The Boer goat is ideal for small farms and the breed is multi-use.  The herd here is focused on correct conformation, style, muscle, maternal qualities, parasite resistance, and temperament.  The goal is to have a show quality herd without sacrificing hardiness.





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